continuation of the Drama King Saga

Today was when I really lost it with j1.

I discovered at school that he had stolen (there really is no other word for it) my ipod from my bedside drawer and snuck it to school. Not only that, I eventually rifled through his bag to find foreign currency (not a lot, he’d taken it from my ultraman money box, yes I have one of those, he got bollocked cos he broke it) and their computer games. he STOLE it. I just went ballastic really. I was shaking so much with suppressed anger, it wasn’t even funny or worrisome or .. I dunno..

Im deeply disappointed, saddened etc. I’m really at a loss as to how to stomp these lessons into his head. He has to have some compelling reason (for a 6year old) to do so. I dunno what it is. He says it’s cos he wantd to listen to it, apparently he was bragging about it in the morning. I only found out cos the teacher told him not to bring his ipod to school anymore. Then I just lost it, in the school compound. I dunno if he’s even sorry, he’s gotten very good at giving me pat answers. Things he knows we would want to hear.

Short of sending him to military boarding school (I was very sorely tempted!!!), I dunno what to do. I’ve tried very hard to give them a good moral value system etc. He can even tell me of the boy who cried wolf story and why it was wrong and he was the same etc. URGHGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH….

I need a break. He needs something. I just dunno what. I need to search his bag each day. I don’t want to treat him like a lying, thieving fella.. but…. sigh..


4 thoughts on “continuation of the Drama King Saga

  1. Oh, sorry to hear this dearie.

    I know it’s terribly heart-breaking and exasperating when all our hard work of trying to bring our kids up to be the best of a human being turns up-side down.

    But I believe it’s a phase. A painful phase for you and him. Maybe he needs some assurance that he’s a cool guy and does not need to prove that to his friends and also to you guys.

    Pep-talk from Cuddly Gaddy? Maybe hearing the same thing from a different person might strike chord.

    Take heart. Will be remembering you guys.

  2. Hmm tough one.
    With Caitlin I try to reason with her, usually getting her to see from another perspective, see things from my shoes, so to speak. This usually works; but of course each kid / person is different, and an appropriate respective approach is needed.

    Does he have a soft side? Prey on that. Again with Caitlin, I think she has an empathetic / sympathetic side, which makes explaning things easier…

    Good luck.

  3. Oh…sorry to hear.

    When they misbehave like that, it is so tough.

    Hope you find a way that gets through to him soon.

  4. well, he used to be like Caitlyn.. josh is more like that still LOL hehee you will have such fun later muahhahhaaa.. Im so mean 😉

    I have to chant “it’s a phase, it’s a phase”.

    Have to keep trying lor..

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