Happy Merdeka!

This weekend is our 51st Merdeka (independence). In many ways we haven’t felt like celebrating, esp with what’s been happening lately (jelak betul!).

Anyway, as always we do our own quiet little celebration 🙂 Since the lantern festival is about, we got the kids some glass paper lanterns (none of those REALLLLLLLY annoying plastic jobs with music and flashing lights, EEEEEEEEEE!!!!) and those tiny candles. We plan to have a mini celebration on sunday with the lanterns, some makan (hopefully can get the”muhibbah” spread). The state flags (lil ones) are hanging up in the kids playroom (which Im trying to clean up AGAIN lol it never ends) on the shelves there. We have our posters of the different states and the boys want us to plan road trips over the years to visit all over malaysia. And why not, hubby and I say!? 🙂


We are all Malaysians, whatever colour/background/heritage 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy Merdeka!

  1. Happy Merdeka to you tooo ((((hugs))))
    You know lia, you shld go ahead with the idea of touring Malaysia. I did that long ago with DH when we only had each other. Tour Semenanjung to be exact. Best! Try lah. If you survive with the boys.. I can sure pass with my girls. Hahaha!

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