As most of y’all would have been doing, we’ve been watching the olympics.

Saw this taekwondo match: Cuba Vs. Kazakstan

Such disgraceful, unsportsman like behaviour. Am glad that the WTF (interesting initials haha) threw the book at him, banning him and his coach for life and expunging his Beijing2008 records. What a fall for the Sydney 2000 gold medallist. Unrepentent, the coach refused to apologise etc. We saw the horrendous kick, poor referee.

This kind of behaviour kinda reminds me of what’s happening in the BN-PKR campaigning over in Permautang Pauh. Whether you read the MSM (mainstream media) or the alternative media, it’s sickening to see. The banners, the leaflets, the comments made, the accusations and counter-accusations hurled about. Politics is definitely a dirty biz, more so in this country I guess. But I’m sick of the racial comments, the race-based politics, the increasing racial divide or one side’s attempts to maintain the racial distrust or push it down our throats.

I can’t stand it..yeesshh.. Part of me even wants to get a tatoo saying “Saya Anak bangsa Malaysia”. Wonder if I’d get arrested for being “seditious” cos it doesnt take much to be considered “seditious” these days..

Check out this childish reaction to a question reg: the reduction in fuel price (the way it was done also lah, shows only too well their flip flop and wishy washy adminstration). “You don’t like, I don’t want friend you anymore!” hehehee

I can’t speak for my Muslim mates but aren’t they embarrassed by the way they suddenly so keen on getting DPM and Pretty Boy S to swear on the Al Quran? Or parading the whole religion? It smacks of mockery and disrespect to me. The court case is ongoing, should it be proven that way rather than “absolving” the various others. Mockery of the religion, mockery of our justice system. Our country really has been become a laughing stock of the world. Memalufying indeed.

on the up side, I haven’t killed any more fish! 🙂 I’m trying not to make the water “too” clean cos they seem to thrive better and adjusted feeding amounts and schedules and varieties of fish. It’s all a learning process and so far it’s not been too “tough” 🙂 we’ve been finding it so soothing and happy I guess.

Another sad thing is that despite our best efforts, NO non-committee resident turned up for the AGM (except the Mighty K hehe), it was an “election” one and this time no big spread or door gifts (I’m trying NOT to be cynical, I’m not.. I’m not..). It was quite a disappointment. We expected a smaller turnout due to the last weekend of school hols and one of the last weekends before Merdeka and the beginning of the Puasa month but NO ONE? Some neighbours said the committee doing such a good job, whylah change? But.. we need more than just the same bunch. I dunno, I kinda find it a typical Malaysian reaction. Complain a lot but when asked to take action or get involved, all run away. Our committee is hard working, dedicated and thankfully good at their jobs but support from the community must also be continual. Don’t be disheartened el comrades! 🙂 The residents will appreciate you more than you realise 🙂 The Mighty K was a good lad, happily colouring in his two new colouring books (my bribery for him not accompanying the Js and CuddlyDaddy to watch Wall-E) or played with his cars quietly. He helped carrying chairs into the right place and went to help Auntie H carry the baskets back to the car.

It was pouring and I mean POURING with rain before we left so I left K with Uncle SM while I struggled through the rain (I was wearing jeans and heels this time) and the ankle height water in parts, and then my brolly malfunctioned. EEEK. K and I had a warm shower when we got back and watched more Olympics and he carried on colouring as well.

School starts again tomorrow, yay! We are still planning to do the camp out with the Closing ceremony (I’m sure I will regret this tomorrow haha) cos heck it’s fun. Unfortunately it’s time of the month for me, blech..

We are meeting the inlaws for brunch today so I’d best get ready!! later!!


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