Is gmail having a cow?

Has anyone else been experiencing gmail freezing and just not loading?

Happening now for a couple of days. CuddlyDaddy too.

Our water pressure been lower for a while but can use-lah.. but tonight, wah! It was pretty darn sluggish.. Hmmm.. time to store up some water?? Will need to complain again I guess.

I can’t stand all those ads inbtwn the closing ceremony, toooo many and so close together, YESH! And the most annoying Raymond Goh announcing, I can’t stand his babbling and how he just puts down all the athletes (local or not). SMACK!

And the closing seems short lagi. Anyway I will miss watching the Olympics, it has been 16 days of good distraction etc for the kids hehe and the beginning of a new family tradition! 🙂 here’s to London 2012!

We are camped out again in the living room 🙂 k fell asleep pretty fast, he’s not been at his best since we came back from penang (he was not well either either) but the Js are soldiering on, but they prob wont be far behind 🙂

I’m trying to recall my fav moments from the Olympics. So many interesting events. Watching Usiah (sp?) Bolt dashing away. The US dropping the baton in the relays. That nail biting finish for the 100m butterfly (which btw I reckon the Serbian SOOOO deserves to win). The beautiful Rhythmic gymnastics and the awesome Synchronised Swimming. The nailbiting volleyball matches. Our archer beating the favourite Korean to enter the quarter finals. My kids getting excited about the races/swimming/archery/volleyball. These are just a few of my fav moments.

So what’s (are) your favourite Olympic moment(s)?


One thought on “Is gmail having a cow?

  1. you know what….the only thing I enjoyed about the Olympic closing ceremony was the hotlink adverts!!!

    Goodness knows my son could keep still for as long as the advert was on!

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