As a Malaysian, I refuse…

(similar mind to this: Haris’s article)

I refuse to accept the explanation that unless you fill in race/sex/religion, your form is deemed irrelevent or tak boleh guna (can’t be used) or useless or unacceptable and you can’t open a bank account etc etc.

I’m teaching my kids to write MALAYSIAN in the bangsa forms on official documents. If anyone asks, they will respond that we are Malaysian. If anyone raises an issue with that answer, I’ve told them to tell those people to come and see me. Since the Js will be submitted to the joys of govt primary school, this becomes increasingly important. I’m trying to teach them that it is important to be seen as Malaysian, nothing else. If the teacher etc has issues, then tell them to come and see me. Tell them that my mum and dad have told us that we are Malaysian, we were born here, raised here, grandparents, parents, great grandparents and great great grandparents.MALAYSIAN. That’s who we are.

I refuse to bow down to stupid bureaucratic rules that say that if you don’t fill those in, your money not good enough for them or your kids aren’t good enough to go to the school. Just cos Im of this ethnic heritage, that must mean I’m this religion alone. More bollocks.

If we don’t make a stand, things will not change, despite us bitching about it etc. Teaching your kids not to accept such discrimmination is a good thing I reckon. I feel Malaysian, I am Malaysian, I don’t know how to be anything else. Neither will my kids. It’s time we teach them to be counted as Malaysians, don’t you agree?

Start making those subtle changes now folks 🙂 We have such potential here in this beautiful (still beautiful, despite the ravages) country of ours, let’s do something to save it, no?

(no, I’m not going all political ranting here. I’m just sickened by the rubbish that’s going on, just for one by-election and the spewing of more and more nonsense of those who allegedly run the country).

What would you do?


2 thoughts on “As a Malaysian, I refuse…

  1. Good move, Mommy.

    Thank you for that ring on the bell. Have not thought of that yet, as we have not filled up any forms lately…

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