we are back!

we just got back from penang today! had to sort out a fish tank cos one of the pump had a “moment”. sigh. but otherwise the fish were relatively unscathed LOL

Ahh the laundry upon return! EEEEEE.

Will respond to your comments quickly now. Im half dead! and there’s two loads today to day and two loads tomorrow.

nasib baik cleaner coming tomorrow 🙂 More on our trip soon!


4 thoughts on “we are back!

  1. Ya, I actually hate the laundry bit too after a holiday!

    When I get back, first thing I will do would be to empty the whole load into the washing machine. And behold the household if the washing machine is already full and no one had bothered to run it! hahaha…

  2. I always unpacking a harder task than packing.

    Yes, the laundry is always the biggest to tackle, but I also have this thing about changing the bedsheets (if we’ve gone for more than 3 days).

    Somehow with my family (not so much Gadget-daddy’s) unpacking usually involves some food we had also brought back, either for self or friends. That’s the more exciting bit. 😀

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