All I wanna say is:

We are killing and replacing fish at the speed at which Michael Phelps swims.

It’s weird.. yet.. interesting for the kids.. LOL

won’t be online for the next few days people. Enjoy yourself while I’m going hahaha


4 thoughts on “All I wanna say is:

  1. Oh… so what’s gonna happen to the fish while you guys go for your break?
    Hmmm…. may have to start all over again when you get back.

  2. Kin- fish had food timer 🙂 oh well.. part of life I guess hehe

    jlow- Went to penang 🙂 it bounced??? mebbe it got spammed. try bansheewhipcracker (at) or was that what you tried? I dont usually get no email but it’s been days since I’ve checked wor..

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