A new family tradition? Happy Birthday to the Js!

What I thought of yesterday (and Cuddly Daddy agreed with) was that It would be such a blast and a great new family tradition to “camp out” in the living room. The reason? The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics. The kids have promised to nap (and we all know how reliable that is lol) so that they could stay up to watch it. They did try their very best but I guess they aren’t used to it. I guess also they were hyped up on sugar LOL They had cupcakes in school (interestingly decorated by J2 and myself), where we had lunch, the owner and chef gave us a slice of deliriously delicious chocolate cake. Oh well 🙂

So anyway, I dug out the blow up beds, and one of those foldable mattresses. The Js finished their homework. We had a quick and easy dinner and they actually got ready for bed and helped their lil brother to get ready to. (this shows me what they are capable of when they want to be helpful lol) Anyways, also dug out the hand pump (oh man I told Cuddly Daddy I’m SO getting an electric pump!). We prob need another double bed cos it wasn’t quite big enough for all. I moved things around, we pumped up the beds (With the kids help before their shower) and  I laid sheets on the various mattreses. The Js got the necessary bedding and soft toys from upstairs and we put it together. The a/c came on.

TV on.Found the right channel. Kids lay down. Mum does her usual pottering about.

Poor Cuddly Daddy was stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam for TWO hours, it was definitely unusual for that day (any road blocks?). Poor Su tried so hard to get over in time to hand me the video tapes she bought for me but the jam was bad for her too! Poor girl! She crashed out at ours for a while, enjoying the “sea” of mattresses and watched the opening ceremony till about midway. Was great fun 😀

Once Cuddly Daddy got home (much gleeful yelling from the kids, ahh the “rock star” welcome), we all settled down nicely and watched. It was an amazing ceremony to watch and the kids were so excited. K crashed out first snuggled next to me, quietly and without fuss. Next was j1, who yawned and said “we can watch the repeat and  you recorded it too huh mum?” I said yes. He fell asleep not long after. J2 tried to hold out his very best to watch, to the point of trying to forcibly open his eyes LOL The Parade of Nations is kinda dull I guess for them although j2 did find the many nations interesting. He finally fell asleep around 10pm or so. This is impossibly late for them, since their bedtime is around 730pm-8pm. But oklah. It is their bday party today, not sure how they will be. CuddlyDaddy and j1 are still crashed out but j2 and k got up at their usual time and of course mummy gets poked in the eye till she gets up and sorts em out.

Cuddly Daddy and I have agreed this is a great tradition to begin (for the Olympics or other special events), camping out in the living room (we need another double bed lol). To me, these are things that kids will remember. Not you loading em with gifts but not spending any quality time with them, just unique things. One of my fondest childhood memories (besides eating at ah ma’s hehe) was exploring our local neighbourhood with my dad, looking at the local flora and fauna, and babbling away while he listened and said a word or two. Dad’s a great listener especially to kids (although Mum complains when she talks, he doesnt say anything lol But that’s a marriage thing 😉 ) but for kids, Grandpa is da bomb when they have to talk, vent or tell secrets. I remember Mum just sitting there with me, she’d be reading the papers and I’d be reading some book or another and it would be a companionable silence.

It’s not much (or so it seems), but this is what I remember most prominently. Sure, kids love the gifts but over time, it’s not what they remember. I would love to create such special childhood memories for my boys. Something different from the daily grind and it’s kinda a fun family tradition, no? Ok of the nostalgia and sappiness 🙂

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY to the Js!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s their bday today (as I’ve been reminded SEVERAL times in the last one and a half hours lol since j2 woke up)!!! We have heaps to do before their bday party but they want to have breakfast down the road and then help us 🙂 Our helper should arrive soon enough to help too so whew! It’s going to be tiring.

Again, happy birthday to my lads, the Js 🙂 my 6 year old boys.


6 thoughts on “A new family tradition? Happy Birthday to the Js!

  1. What a lovely tradition! Had fun at the Js party even though we were soooooo late! Blasted traffic. Ok, coz I woke up late also 😛 Thanks for having us!

  2. What a wonderful idea. I used to make tents in the livingroom for the kids to take naps in. They still talk about it.


  3. Wow lia, what a fantastic idea. I have to agree with what you jotted there. We do have to make something extra ordinary for them to cherish more. Hmm…. but wldn’t it be gr8 if all my girls were born in the same month. Boleh celebrate all at once with 1 nostalgic event. T o think of 4 yearly…. beruban rambut I tell you. LOL!
    Happy Birthday to the Js. ((((Hugs)))) frm aunty Ja & the girls… 😉

  4. I agree with you. Traditions involving spending quality time is the BEST!!!

    BUT….why not just crash in the bedroom and get a TV up there instead? Umm…..:)

    Better yet, why not just make a post/place to hang a big cloth over the beds in the bedroon so it resembles a real camp….

    Ok…too much coffee Monday morning is making me cranky!

  5. Hey, Happy Birthday J1 and J2!!

    So sorry we had to miss the party. Glad that you guys had a wonderful time. I really like the idea of camping in the living room. Must try that some time.

    I agree too, that gifts can be forgotten after a while, but the god times we spend with our love ones are carved on stone tablets of our memory.

  6. awww thank you ja!

    Ann- There is a TV in our bedroom. and can crash there, but it’s less of an adventure and more room lah in living room. Then all of us can crash there 🙂

    Dar- thanks 🙂

    Min- hahah you and the Js bdays seem to have the attraction of traffic jams or SOMETHING hehe

    Kin- it’s cool, we can meet up again soon 🙂 yup, def the good times and special moments is what lives on, not just the gifts 🙂

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