yet another tag..

Of course I don’t HAVE to do it 🙂 But Since DaddeeYah is so kind to visit my blog (we visit each other), ok lah..

Ok this first:

Here are the rules …
1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Ok.. here are the random 6 things.
(Brief pause. Mind cog wheels clunk painfully to work. Longer pause.)

1. I speak Penang Hokkien fairly decent. (Yes, this always surprises people cos well, orang celup you know hehehe).

2. I used to swim a lot, a lot, a lot. (competitions and all). You can’t tell now, I resemble more of a beached whale flopping about.

3. I hate public speaking. (I have less qualms about meeting people and yakking away etc but to have to get up and yak on a stage etc is not my fav thing EVER. I’ve done some emceeing for residents functions, this and that but aiyoo..)

4. I’m not Christian. (I know this is rather a funny thing to say but I guess I’m tired of people assuming that just cos I’m half Mat Salleh automatically makes me a Christian- not that I’m against Christianity, just pigeonholing hehe-) I’ve always written down my “religion” (if I have to) as Buddhist. Cos that is the religion that appeals to me. Not that I’m a staunch, hard core Buddhist but I try my best to give my kids good principles and live by example where I can. However, I’ve met many a number of civil servants who will refuse for me to write buddhist (cos it was “decided” for me by the govt that I shall be christian and remain so) cos they said aiya, you Mat Salleh celup lah, mestilah Christian (You are mixed with european blood, therefore you must be christian). Sigh. So what of those who are chinese or indian who are christians and not necessarily buddhist or hindu? Huh? huh?

5. I tend NOT to fill in race and religion or if I HAVE to (as in for the kids school documents etc), then I always write “Malaysian” and (see above). I have been queried before or my document would be rejected and I’m asked to write it again. When I was queried and told Malaysian is not a race, my response is always “well, it damn well should be and NO, I’m not changing it”. It’s things like walking into my kids future primary school and see a PRINTED (not fill in with your own white board marker thingy), Standard issue white board detailing out the racial make up of each class. I know what I’m going to teach my kids to say and stick with it 🙂

6. I love to communicate. Now this y’all should know by now hehe Email/blogging-comments/IMs. Yes, Facebook also (don’t play the games there tho) things like that. Is it a chick thing? I’m not sure. I just like to keep in touch with people I know and yabber about all things sundry.

Ok I give up, that’s all I can think of 🙂 now to move along to the next bit. Time to tag (checks list) goodness SIX PEOPLE?! Err.. Err… ERR… do I even know six people who will even do this.. LOL

1. Kin
2. Min
3. Su
4. Ai Lian (Mumsgather prob grabbed her!)
5. Ann
6. Ja

Whew! Time to go holler at em.. and holler back to DaddeeYah.. and get ready for tomorrow’s mayhem 🙂


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