Haze. Haze Season. Choking, Nasty, Spoil our days Haze.

Can you guess the theme?

It’s hazy, hot, humid, suffocating. The Js and K are starting to snivel, chesty but they aren’t sick. If I don’t let em have play/exercise time outside, they will go bonkers. Close up the house, it’s so hot and stuffy. Put a/c on, also doesnt help cos we’d bankrupt ourselves.

what is our govt doing? Nothing! (as always). Just give us paternal, condescending advice and do jack-all again. No accountability, no sense of responsibility, nadda.

Fed up. Hate the haze. Makes everyone grumpy. haha

We got some more tetras (cardinal and neon). Guppies I’m getting from min on friday (going to put in the bigger tank only). Going to be interesting 🙂 Cardinals are pretty but twice the price of neons. The smaller tank is full enough I think or maybe one more pair of guppies there. The tanks will be cleaned by next week before we head off to my home town.

I dashed about this morning doing marketing and errands and fish buying. Luckily the God of Parking Spaces was smiling upon me today, right in front of the two banks lagi! WOOHOO 🙂 but man, was it hectic. Lagi I was on the phone, organising more stuff. I’m such a mad woman LOL

Making some veg soup/stock today in the slow cooker. Got some fresh noodles and fish balls today so let’s see. I think having that for dins instead (soup will be ready by then I guess). speaking of which, I’d better go get my kids LOL

I’m trying to find stainless steel tumblers/water bottles. Anyone know where I can find? Big ones and small ones.


4 thoughts on “Haze. Haze Season. Choking, Nasty, Spoil our days Haze.

  1. Most if not all department stores would carry the major brands of tumblers.

    I know this cos I was hunting for a thermos mug for Caitlin to drink her milk from. I was quite specific in the specs: It had to be a mug, easy to drink from, thermos-like to retain the heat of the milk, and some form of anti-spill.

    So I settled for, aptly, the Thermos brand, which had all the above specs. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it’s so wide that when Caitlin is drinking from it the whole cup is in her face, blocking even her eyes (she’s sometimes be watching tv when she is drinking her milk).

    My experience in this search also included one for my own use. Again with similar needs, for my morning coffee during the morning traffic. I settled for the around-RM20 Bodum brand. It’s not metal, but the anti-spill lid/cover is quite sturdy and the “spout” pours quite well into the mouth. Only that it carries only about a cup’s worth of beverage.

  2. YOu know stainless steel seems to be the in thing in bottles these days. And there are even stainless steel insulated bottles!!! Read about “The Safe Sippy” and in some baby shops/departmental stores even saw some stainless steel bottles for kids!! Don’t know about the price though.

    Else I am sure also there are cheaper/other varieties….

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