the Js are going to national school.

Yup, we got the letters. We went (the whole kampung) to the primary school and “confirmed” the Js attendence. They were shy but curious. When a teacher spoke to them in BM, they kinda hid. They will be fine Im sure but we have to pick it up a notch when it comes to their BM lor.

We’ve had THREE dead fish today. Ironically it’s the new batch of fish we bought on sat. They were smaller than the others so I think they were either weaker or kena attacked by the others. The kids were like woahhh…. we inspected the fishes. Wished them all the best and tossed them into the rubbish bin. Ahh the joys of ceremony LOL

It’s hazy again sigh. The Js bday is this week, the party to plan for. Eeeek it’s going to be hectic!

time to catch up with the dishes and put a load of laundry on.


4 thoughts on “the Js are going to national school.

  1. hahaha….the joys of farewell to the fish indeed!

    And yes, I hate the smell and sight of that HAZE!!! But it does remind me of the song ‘Lazy, hazy days of summer’, hopefully I got the lyrics right! Doesn’t seem that relaxing when I think about it in Msian context!

  2. I think your boys will do fine in school.

    Sorry about the fish. We fed our dead fishes to the terrapins, so no “bye-bye and into the bin”.

    Yeah. Hope the haze clears… so awful.

  3. its ok. I got em some more tetras 😀 and more guppies to come from our friend on friday.

    the haze is bad hor! Hate it. Josh did ask if we could fry the fish for us to eat. LOL They have no probs with all that thankfully. but I said no LOL

    I’m hoping they’d be ok, they are pretty adaptable kids

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