Update on the Decluttering Exercise

half the kitchen done. Want to do with it with my cleaner’s help so left the rest till Sat. Working on the office (my side) but I’ve not been so efficient of late, slowly..slowly.. but the charity guys came yday to pick up two old shoe cupboards among other things again. They gotta love me 😉 I’ve been “wasting” the last couple of days. Been kinda tired I guess.. Time of the month doesn’t help 🙂

Nemind, will keep plodding along! so hopefully at least the kitchen and my side of the office will be done by next week 🙂


One thought on “Update on the Decluttering Exercise

  1. Reward yourself after some bits are done.
    Maybe a nice choc
    Or a cool drink
    Or some ice cream

    especially at that time of the month!

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