What’s with the moralising..

Bernama seems to spend more time moralizing rather than actually good to honest reporting.

See here. Whether you agree with sex before marriage or homosexualilty or whatever, I just find the tone of the whole piece nauseating. It’s preaching doom and gloom and your body will be diseased and bits will fall off and you will become barren if you DARE “indulge” in pre marital sex/homosexuality/masturbation (well I’m waiting for an article on this, seems to be a trend LOL).

They should focus on highlighting all the crime/corruption and RUBBISH that’s happening in this country now. Oh doh! I forgot! They are a govt body, that means that they have no self-thought or initiative.

Can you tell that I’m feeling uncharitable today? LOL Well, when you read scandals like this, you have to feel uncharitable lah. How far does the rot go? It’s not a surprise but are we Malaysians going to be the same apathetic selves? Shrug our shoulders and say ‘haiya, that one we know alreadylah! Normal what!?” With attitudes like that, no wonder things got this far/bad and yet those idiots we seem to have in govt concern themselves with moralising and patronising you or sodomy. Smack em I tell you! Then again, why should they bother? They can muddle along, ruining the country but their cronies/families/themselves do very well for themselves.

And I don’t care whether PAS-UMNO unite or not. I want to see my elected reps go and kick some Parliament/state assembly arse. Simple as that. I’m fed up of the “we promise you this,I promise you that, I friend you, you friend me” rubbish. I want to see something being done about our crime rate, our education system, our economy, our inflation rate, you know.. things within our DAILY LIVES. They may claim that the fuel prices may drop soon (from this report) and whether you want subsidise us for 10 more years, what are you doing to meet this energy crisis? Solar farms/wind farms? Noooo let’s look at nuclear. It’s more cost effective, environmentally wise esp. Not that I’m a tree hugging rabid greenie but please lah…

Saw this on education today. Heard about the “test pilot project” but nothing about the progress, what are the teething problems etc? Nothing. Well, interesting to see what my Js will go through next year.

Approach me with caution today I will admit.


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