Interesting Conversations with my Kids: the Continuing Saga

Yesterday’s dinner convo with the Cuddly Kids went something like this:

We were having stir fried noodles with beef and baby carrots and bits of omelette. As we were eating, it went like this:

“I know what beef in BM is mum! Daging Lembu!”
(mum nods as she eats).

“That can’t be right mum, Lembu means COW!”

“J1, yes, beef is from cows”.

(silence for a sec while we eat).

then J1 says: “what happens if you don’t have a heart?”
Mum stops eating. “What sort of question is that?” J2 stops shovelling food in mouth and says “You are dead.” (then goes back to shovelling food in mouth).

J1 explains that he once saw a pig’s heart on sale in a deli, wondered what happened to the pig. “He’s dead” (j2 goes back to eating). so we talk about how the heart pumps blood (and thus oxygen) to the whole body etc.

(subject covered, back to eating).

Then we talk about how animals don’t drink milk as such like us, only mammals as babies will drink milk from their mummies. Then j1 pipes up:

“If the first person to be born was born, what about his parents? If they’re the first person, where would they come from?”

mum stops eating and thinks. I thought… hmm Darwinism, theological/evolution would be a bit much I think. So my only answer was: “That is a questions that has puzzled scientists for years.Eat your dinner, please.”

And so we did. haha I kinda love these crazy questions that kids can throw at you cos wow.. heck of a lot of thinking power needed hehehehe

and yes, some people tell me that my kids are odd. 🙂 Much like their mum!


5 thoughts on “Interesting Conversations with my Kids: the Continuing Saga

  1. Hey, I think kids who talk like that are cool!

    I used to ask my parents all sorts of questions, but they were too busy to think of how to answer me and so I stopped asking… It would have been fun to hear more from my folks and not just,”wait till you’re older then you’ll know.”

    That’s why we now do “entertain” our kids and all their questions, as much as we can… for their level that is.

  2. hehee thanks dear 🙂

    I do have the “wait till you are 7 before I talk to u about it” line as well (depending on subject).. but I’ve had to up that age till 9 cos j2 reminded me that they will be 7 next year. EEEKK!!! lol l

    Yes, I try and answer their questions best that I can but sometimes it’s WHEN they ask also lah.. LOL

  3. Oh….reckon my dad would have given me a cock-and-bull story which we would be puzzled over for years!

    I mean, we knew he was joking but for YEARS we told us that the water towers that you see outside the city were landing points for aliens! And we would go on and on after that about what they ate and how they would move around etc. etc.

    It sure made the journey shorter! And your life with your kids would seem to pass by in a breeze too with questions like that!

  4. ann,

    If I were to come up with stories like that for my boys, I will hear no end to it from them, with a billion more questions to the point that I would be lost myself in all the cock-and-bull maze! hahaha…

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