Something to put a smile on your face mid week :)

we love pocoyo in this house. I still love it! Much more soothing than reading/listening to our own rabid, babbling politicians on any side of the divide.

check this out:

you can “customise” your google to have the happy face of pocoyo.

My fav is pato! 🙂 Gotta dig the grooving duck hehehee


4 thoughts on “Something to put a smile on your face mid week :)

  1. Micah is also crazy about Pocoyo at the moment. He will really laugh hysterically on some of the episodes.
    Sometimes even the grandma will come out of her room or the kitchen just to watch him laugh. 🙂

  2. I guess I “exposed” Caitlin to Pocoyo a bit early. She kinda finds them not-so-exciting anymore these days….

    But she does watch them when it comes on. And she does sit up when it’s new episodes… just not as urgent these days.

    But she does take away the values “taught”, such as the one about (the need to) share- the one where Ellie and Pocoyo fought over the bottle of bubbles, with poor Lula being the victim!

  3. hehee yeah the boys aren’t as into as before but it’s still fun to watch as a distraction and it makes me smile or laugh.

    so few programs can do that these days. Don’t even get me started on sponge bob squarepants or some of the other allegedly kids shows…

  4. I don’t let Micah watch anything apart from PHDC or the Animal Planet channel. All the other cartoon channels have too much nonsense.

    Gadget-daddy loves Pocoyo too. 🙂

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