The Spare room is done :)

YAY!!!!!!! Another decluttering task to tick off! And a major one at that!

the charity guys are coming. Friends are coming to get things. It’s neat. Clear. Dust Free.

Exhausting work but dang, feels good 🙂 Today, resting a bit haha Till daddy comes home anyway.

Then it’s the landing next! Then kitchen. Then office and the last of our bedroom. Then I think that’s it! I for one will be dang glad. I have a feeling though, that I’d have to reorganise the toys more often though but the Cuddly Kids are going to help, dang it!

j2 is better, whew! He’s still having his puffs but only twice a day now.

We stopped by the aquarium shop today (Got a feeder timer for when we are away). We hadn’t planned to get more fish but J2 argued vehemently about how variety is good for a community (he learnt about the word ‘variety’ yday and we had always discussed doing things for the community). How could I resist? hehe We got some more of those orange TK fish and some neon tetras. They have this shiny blue stripe down their flanks. Add a nice colourful touch to the tanks. The one in the office doesn’t need the light on that often cos it’s much brighter here. The one in the living room isnt on if its a sunny day but otherwise yeah. I’ve been switching it off at night but I will switch it off when kids are in school, having it on at certain times only. Otherwise elec bill even more painful wei! Asked Min to reduce the number of guppies she is passing over to us otherwise overcrowded (since guppies are breeding geniuses LOL)! It’s so nice to see the swimming fish, peaceful sounds of the water.. I sound like a hippy Earth Mama!!! hahaha

The house is slowly taking shape now, thankfully. Easier to clean and find things now. I definitely will be glad when it’s all done, at least the main decluttering! Going through the kids things, especially the baby things, made me nostalgic, brooding and then amazed about how much stuff we actually have. Major PILES of stuff! I kept the sentimental things, gifts from family etc. Even if we have no:4, we have more than enough clothes haha If we have a girl, she’s going to be in more blues than pinks 😉 Anyway at this age, I don’t think it will matter or I’m going to do what’s practical!

ok, time to spend some cuddlies with the munchkins. No more decluttering for today! August is going to be a mad month (again)!!! Weekends more so. Agreed with Cuddly Hubby that I need a weekend off to myself, now to plan for it 🙂 Probably only in Sept if that HAHAHA

Have a lovely remainder of a weekend and a good week ahead y’all 🙂


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