Why is it we want to look at nuclear power as an energy source?

TNB is apparently “researching” (at the Federal Govt’s request) into having nuclear power as our next energy source (as alternative to fossil fuels).

With our track record, I hardly think that’s safe! Not only that, why is we have to look at that?? Why can’t we look at solar power, wind power? Most countries in the world, including those in the middle east (who are sitting on mega vats of oil), are looking at solar farms/wind power. More “green” alternatives.

Why are they JUST focusing on nuclear? Why not look at ALL alternatives before making a decision? And man, they say “we are bracing for objections from the public”. That means (possibly): well, we expect y’all to complain but we frankly do what the hell we want lah”.

This is just plain ridiculous. I’d rather have solar power/wind farms as power generators any day. What about you?


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