Why? Why?

Why does DSAI want to kick someone out (the electorate of that constituency voted that MP in by the way, not for you to take over)? I don’t really understand his hurry to be honest. Let the PR coalition show us they can do the job? With a pending court case (possibly), let’s focus on proving to the rakyat that you can give BN the kick up the pants they deserve (and then some).

Sorry, matey, I don’t want you as a PM (whether they label you a PM in waiting), to my eyes, your wife is a far more capable, calm and less rabid politician. I’d rather things be done properly. It just reeks of the similar way that UMNO does things. No more Patronage lah. Why the all fire hurry? Hmm? Why should he ask legitimately elected MPs to vacate their post so he can get into parliament? No thank you.

Read this article.


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