The Cuddly Guppies have expanded

We have 4 more Guppies. Two more Master Guppies and Two Ms. Guppies.

J2 has named his: Peter and Jane.

Edit- J1 has named his other two: Mikey and Lily.

K wants to have his own fish, told him to wait till we see auntie Min first. We are going to have a crowded tank! 🙂

Then we may have to use the other smaller tank. (thinks D will faint LOL). Either we will pass around to others though or.. put some in the longkang! hehee they are called longkang fish you know! (Drain fish cos they thrived in drains and eat mozzie larva hehe).

Good, hardy, “happy” looking fish! J2 reckons they look happy you see 😉 Mr and Mrs Guppy (ie Jake and Merry) are getting officially married today, according to my sons. They said before they have any guppy babies, they have to get married first, cos it’s easier. (Ahh the logic of 6 year olds).

Funnylah my kids.


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