To spell or not to spell?

As I’ve mentioned before, the Js have been plotting about their bday party for weeks now. Their kindy called me up this week to say they’ve been “selected” to take part in this spelling bee competition thingy. The catch? It’s on their bday and its pretty much a “most of the day” event.

Hence the dilemma, what should we do about their bday party? We’ve invited people. Ordered the catering, bought stuff in preparation. So Cuddly Hubby and I discussed it with the Js. They are very torn. They would love to take part cos they are thrilled to be chosen but they’ve been looking forward to their bday party!

I COULD have it a different day. Easily done. However, my eldest brother and family arrive in the evening for their summer hols here, want to spend what time we can with them. That sunday is the main full day we have with them. Waiting to hear their views on whether it’s cool with them to have the party on the sunday. Can’t have it weeks later cos we’ve got school hols, AGMs, so many other activities PACKED. On the other hand, I could have no party whatsoever.

On the one hand, the spelling bee would be good experience for them but on the other, they love having their bday party too! We’ve bought the decorations/partypacks/invites etc. Ordered catering (although I haven’t paid, ok lah). The school has asked us to postpone the party etc cos they really want them to go for it. I’m supposed to let them know by monday. If they had asked me earlier before they sent the invites (the twins had mentioned it before but when I asked the administrator, she said no, it was just announcing the event only). then I wouldn’t have done all that, no contest lor.

Hmmm… Think, think, think… What would you do?


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