I actually agreed with somethings written in MSM!

Yes, today I read something in the Star that made me nod my head.

Opposition MPs (especially the younger ones) seem caught. On the one hand, they want to keep raising issues that concern the rakyat and/or their constituents (sp?) but staging walkouts or expecting to drop things to rush out in support of anwar, isn’t going to get that done. This way, you will play into BN’s hands, right?

I would want my MP to vote/think with their conscience and what’s best for those who voted for them/the rakyat. Anwar is one man, he’s not even an MP etc. I’m tired of the political bickering and I frankly really feel that the Opposition should raise above all that and show some political maturity and not be a “one man hero worship” party. It would be similar to UMNO then wouldn’t it?

I’m frankly disappointed that my MP R. Sivarasa rushes to Anwar’s aid, as a lawyer too. He should be in Parliament, pushing issues, haranguing the BN MPs (who frankly are making me more sick to my stomach each time I read the Parliamentary reports), trying to stop rushed/ill thought out bills. Walking out will not help this. Anwar can hire another lawyer. To be honest, he’s a citizen kan? He’s not an MP, no head of PKR.

I’m definitely no fan of BN, especially many of their policies and also the arrogance they seem to portray. Neither am I a devotee of PKR etc. I’d rather see individuals and what can they do. Action, instead of just words.

I hope Sivarasa etc steps up that way. Ditto for my ADUN.


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