My country, my home.

Idealistic perhaps. I feel like this is my home, Penang and KL/PJ. Even if wherever I am I look foreign hehee I am Malaysian, Cuddly hubby is Malaysian, Cuddly Kids too. Don’t know how to be anything else to be honest.

Then I read things like this: Parliament’s Racist incidents again.

What I don’t get is: whether enshrined in constitution or not, scholarships/education financial assistance should be given to those who need, whatever background or ethnic heritage they come from. The simple question reg: the racial quota of these scholarships suddenly makes certain MPs on the defensive. Quote:
“Met later outside the House, Tajuddin defended his verbal assaults on Kulasegaran.”I’m not racist. I’ve stated it before, if you want to help the non-Malay students, especially those who are doing well in their studies, by all means do it. But why not do it in such a way that is not at the expense of bumiputera students because if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity,” he said.”

Can someone explain to me why is it “failing in national integration and unity” if a deserving non-bumi gets a scholarship? Isn’t it making it work better?

And these politicians allegedly represent our people. Since when does being a Hindraf supporter make you Anti-Malaysian?? So if you support your Malaysian brethren who feel downtrodden and marginalised, that makes you anti- Malaysian? Well if that was the case, heck, yeah I’d be happy to be anti- Malaysian.

I love my country and generally have no problems (well other than the occasional idiot, especially today at IkEA (more on this later) with my countrymen/women. It’s about time there’s a more positive future for my kids (and US!) and these elected representatives (ok, maybe not ALL lah) are really embarassing. Major “D’oh!” moments LOL

There will be more rants to follow 🙂


2 thoughts on “My country, my home.

  1. Was just having a group chat with boss this morning. She commented that given the two times the play-backside allegations came up in the span of 10 years, this time around there is much more public noise heard.

    Her analogy for explaining this change is like the ground (earthquake) is shaking (the change) and the dust hasn’t settled yet- that the younger people, who may not have known better 10 years ago, are now the (voting?) majority and is of the culture that dares to be heard; demonstrated in, and to an extent, sparked by the March election…

    I don’t follow politics or all the blogs that talk about these issues, so these views may actually have already been talked about on the local blogosphere!

  2. I follow a certain group of blogs, browse here and there. Your boss said a good analogy there though!

    I think the rakyat are the ones who always suffer lah, while them in power bicker and scramble over the piece of the pie!

    I follow to a degree b/c of my concern for the future etc.

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