Photography classes!

Please pass this information around, dear People 🙂

SimpleSLR PhotoClass
Practical Photography for Beginners
RM1600 for a class of 8

To be held in the Bandar Utama area if there are sufficient participants (8 per class).

Andy Lim is an experienced professional photographer who conducts photography classes for beginners. He is also a creative director with over a decade of experience.

Please logon to for full details or to book your PhotoClass.

Extracted from :

Bought a digital SLR camera but wondering why you’re not getting good photos, like the advertisements promised? Time to stop using the preset scene modes on your camera. My PhotoClasses are hands-on digital photography classes for small groups. PhotoClasses are short, affordable, single 4-hour sessions, designed for busy people who may not be able to commit a long stretch of weekends at one go.

My PhotoClass is an introduction to photography, where I will give instructions on what camera settings to use in specific situations, and provide guidance on framing and composition, using real-world examples. Participants perform photography exercises which will help them achieve a deep understanding simply because they did it themselves, instead of just being shown what they should do.


Beginner to Intermediate.


* the Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO)
* how each element in this triangle affects exposure
* getting properly exposed subjects
* exposure compensation
* using the 3 essential modes: Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority
* metering modes
* using histograms
* the right white balance
* controlling depth of field
* focusing techniques
* choosing the right lens for the subject
* getting sharp pictures
* slow-shutter techniques
* composition
* fill-in flash
* rear-curtain flash
* creative flash for portraiture (new!)

Have a look at my basic photography tutorial and when you’re ready for more, sign up for the class!


I will show you how I shoot using my camera, and you will shoot the same thing using your own camera. I use a very organic approach to teaching, not restricted to a specific syllabus, but a very practical “how-to” guide to tackling frequently encountered challenges in photography, eg. backlighting or fast-moving children. Brief notes with diagrams will be provided.


I would expect participants to own a digital camera, because this is a practical session. Ideally your camera would be a digital SLR. If you own a compact digital camera, it should be at least a model which has a full Manual mode. A tripod and external flash are encouraged, although not compulsory.


8 persons. Keeping the group small allows more personal attention. Participants will have their session secured once they have paid.


I can provide one-on-one coaching if required. Please contact me for rates.


If you prefer week-day classes, please contact me, and I will compile a list. I will only start a week-day class if there are a minimum of 6 persons in a class.


If you are looking for post-processing (Photoshop) classes, please contact me, and I will compile a list. I will only start a post-processing class if there are a minimum of 3 persons in a class.


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