It’s true..

I have interesting talks with my kids (well, according to some people).

Wed pm while walking with k to pick up his brothers from Mandarin class, we talked about school and all that. He was telling me that that car over there was like his classmate S’s mummy’s car. So I asked him who his best buddies were. He said B. I said but B’s 5 years old! He said yes. so I asked him if he had any more best buds. He said that his best friends were B and the Js.(awww) I asked him why they were his best buds. His answer was: “I like them. They play with me too.” Which I guess makes as good a friend that can be for a 3 year old. hehe I asked him about his classmates. He said they are like babies and he’d rather play with Ko-ko and B. I guess it’s bound to happen with big brothers and being used to playing with older kids.

We already had the whole “marriage-living together-who you marry-gay partnerships” discussion in the car. We discussed different music tastes and why people don’t obey the law and how we must continue to exercise our right to vote. Responsibilities. Allowance. Shopping and budget. Babies and a bit of where they come from.

Yday afternoon J2 and I shared a hug and kiss and two I love yous (I love hearing and saying that to those who love me and those I love). He said he likes getting hugs and kisses etc but his classmate S says it’s yucky and even wipes off the kiss from his mum and that it’s for babies or girls etc. I told J2 that no, we all love getting cuddles etc from those who love us and never be ashamed of showing affection for those u love and who love us, esp family. I told him that daddy and grandpa love getting cuddles from us and hearing how we love them right? He said yes, and they are grown up. I said that’s right! He said he’s glad cos he likes it and also that kisses are like wishes for something nice. He got a very big hug for that! 🙂 I told him that there are those who arent used to hugs etc. He did say he felt sorry for them cos it’s a nice thing 🙂

The boys should never feel ashamed of showing affection and admitting such. Saying “I love you” to your family etc should never be something you hide too. So far they accept it as normal etc. I have to give them a balance I guess. Cos there will be those who will tease or say things cos it’s not the norm for them. I want to toughen em up but I want them to have that spontaneous joy and affectionate nature. Cos we all could do a bit of love these days huh?

Hugs go a long way, no? Hug your loved ones today 🙂


2 thoughts on “It’s true..

  1. I think conversations with kids are really great. Especially if they are not one way conversations! 🙂

    Reckon these kids grow up with better vocab, better manners and better sense of reasoning!!

    Your converstaions with your kids are indeed sweet, I have to agree with all the rest!

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