Enough already lah

To be honest, I don’t care anymore about who’s screwing who (allegedly), who’s blowing up who (apparently) and who’s fighting who for a bigger piece of the pie.

I don’t CARE! I;m fed up with the whole sandiwara (drama), the whole “I point fingers at you, you point at me with claims from reliable sources but not actually proving anything” scenario. What do I care about?

Whether you as my elected govt can do something positive. Make some real changes. Make the civil service genuinely efficient. Make our education system more competitive. Give benefits for going green. Help the poor (whatever the background). Seek alternative energy sources (other than nuclear). Accountability and transparency. Meritocracy. Fair judicial system. Cops and Teachers with standards. Apolitical civil service. Help manage the economy better. No more Race-based parties/system.

Perhaps I’m expecting a lot but hey, what’s wrong with me expecting these things? Over time, it is possible. Why is it Malaysians are so apathetical (sp?) and accept such substandard things? Hmm?
We do love our gossip and scandal, only human mah, of course BUT right now I want a govt (state, federal, whatever) that works for those around me and me, whatever your political party. I don’t care. If you do a good job, good. If not, I vote you out wei.

Malaysians need to stop accepting such crap and stop the apathy. We do have a great country, we are capable of so much. Let’s not squander it. I don’t think street demos and the threats of using the army for “national security” is wise. What’s wrong with flipping Parliament? So much for the August House. I voted y’all in, do something good. I don’t expect miracles in a 100 days lah but I expect something. Ok, enough on that. 🙂

On the home front, YAY! the back is cleared. The bulk charity guys have come and taken up HEAPS of things (including our old matt) away for recycling/donation etc. We have two new mattresses (oh bliss) and a much clearer back “yard”. This reorganising is coming along pretty well. 🙂 Although I admit, I’d be happy when it’s done. It’s pretty tiring/back breaking work haha

Testing out this fuel saver device now. Not sure reg: the electricity saver device tho (it’s RM350++). More research required. Slowly cutting back on whatever we can. “Ubah Gaya Hidup” indeed.

Back to work!


2 thoughts on “Enough already lah

  1. At last I can view your post and make some comments! 😉

    You know when I first saw The Star online and saw the case (again), I was like “Can’t they find something more creative to accuse him off?”

    But well….politics…it is so transparently STUPID actually!

    But glad your backyard’s cleared! And you can sleep well! 🙂

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