another tick off my list. Bathrooms are done! YAY! it sure does look neater and cleaner. Someone bought my old, unused cleaning stuff. YAY! So I can go straight to the green friendly stuff 🙂 Someone also bought my unused sanitary pads and I’ve ordered my cloth pads. I love my mooncup 😀 any dads/men reading this, may feel grossed out now LOL I must finish reading my green living book too.

the kids old clothes need going through etc so I can store that and the “equipment” so the spare room can look less like a nightmare LOL I’d better get started 🙂

I sure hope they don’t say “cash only” for the petrol stations or they go on strike. sigh. What is happening leh..


2 thoughts on “whew!

  1. Hey, well done on your sorting and reorganizing!

    My focus now is on getting school and after school time as productive/ creative as possible. Trying to reduce Tv time, and I think quite good so far. 🙂

  2. we have drastically reduced TV time now, YAY 🙂 Some days I still use it as temp babysitter though (usually when I have to masak).

    The sorting is slowed down, but Im pretty pleased abt the way it’s going haha 🙂

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