Ok.. it’s true..

I have a lot more more STUFF than I had ever imagined. And this with regular clear out. HAHA

Folks do tend to give us three of everything, which in turns adds to the pile. But I’ve made a start on the next task now (given myself a fortnight). The kids room and the cupboards of the spare room etc.

After that, it’s our room. Then the landing. Then the kitchen. Then our office (need d’s help for some of this). Then the back last of all.

I gave myself a full year to complete the “reorganisation/decluttering”. Ideally I’d love to be done by before the long school hols at year end, but I need to allow for “daily life” and the fact that I need d to do a lot of tasks too. I can’t reorganise his comics/computer stuff, things he wants on bookshelves and all that or what clothes he wants to keep. He HAS to do that. I’ve given him a week for the baju etc cos there’s a gotong royong coming soon in our neighbourhood and the bulk items for charity bunch should be coming, therefore I can give em clothes, toys, books etc that we dont want/need.

He’s promised to put the bathroom cabinets tomorrow and fix some drawers. That way I can get settled with that, clear away more things and know what I have. Im hoping to free up some plastic drawers so the kids can use it too.

Doesn’t it sound tiring or daunting seeing what we have to do LOL But that’s why I gave myself a year and small goals at a time. Otherwise pengsan nanti! (faint).

ok, time to get the kiddies!


2 thoughts on “Ok.. it’s true..

  1. Yeah, small baby steps (goals) are the only way!

    Are you just moving the stuff from one room to another?
    Haha, sorry just kidding!

    I have taken up your suggestion for a topic to write about! Well, at least first half of it, for now!

    Hope you will enjoy reading it as I had writing it 🙂

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