Tired but happy :)

Sorry for the brief AWOL from blogging. It’s been HECTIC 😀

I’d like to say this: I”VE DONE IT! I’ve reorganised.. the playroom! I know it’s just one room and one cupboard out in the living room but it’s a goooooood start. and strange to say, it’s an very oddly satisfying feeling. It was daunting to get started so I started small. Then it gathered momentum. So I cleared and reorganised the playroom. I gave/sold off any surplus away. Since I got a label maker, I’ve labelled the boxes, plastic drawers, even their bookshelves! (d did laugh at my label making mania!) The kids no longer have any excuse not to put things away properly. (or rather I wont give it to them hehe). It was easier to clean and now.. no more surplus (well in the playroom anyway hehe). I’ve given myself a year to reorganise/declutter fully, knowing how much there’s to be done, inbtwn “daily life”. Admittedly, it’s feeling less daunting now, having reached one “milestone goal”. Let’s make sure the kids and I keep to our new found “labelled chaos” hehe.

I had planned to follow Jon and Kate (plus 8, them from the TV show)’s suggestion of putting a pix of the item on the box for those who can’t read, thinking that the Js can help “draw” the items. Then I realised that we’ve been slowly trying to encourage k to read since his alphabet letter recognition has improved so much so I figured the Js and I can teach him what’s on the boxes etc and therefore he can learn to read and tidy up at the same time!

so I went up to him today and said k, let’s look at this. What does this say? He read the label with no prompting. “Small cars”. My jaw hit the floor. The Js cheered! I cheered! He grinned. Later on in the day, we tried it again (in case it was a fluke), he read it for me again. Read it for daddy. He got hugs and cheers and he had a shy but happy smile. Later on in the evening, when it was clear up time, he read another label on the box- “Big Cars”. Another round of cheers! It was a BIG surprise for us but I love it! It’s like the time he answered j2’s question, “What is 1 + 1?” He said 2. When j2 asked him what is 2+ 2, he thought for a sec and said 4! Although that’s where we stopped, that was so cool 😀 Very proud of my lil man. 🙂 I guess also he’s a very determined little fella who wants to be like his brothers. and because we are helping the Js with their homework and math or science wherever we go (usually using daily things to count or subtract etc), he will absorb it earlier I guess. Either way, having the labels is a good thing. the Js wanted to teach him what’s on there and it’s a great start 🙂

Not sure where I want to “attack” next but if d does the DIY he needs to do this weekend, then, it’s the bathrooms and our room 🙂 I may even start on the kids room. But like that guy on Oprah said, take one cupboard/drawer at a time. It’s less tiring, daunting and you can do it inbetween all the other life stuff that happens. I can tell you one thing though, the spare room is definitely the LAST room that’s going to get “done” LOL it’s the dumping ground for now, till I finish what I can and move things around and out. Label machine here I come 🙂

I’m such a nut!


5 thoughts on “Tired but happy :)

  1. Sounds like some good home improvement tips there!

    Definitely KIV them when we do move; once we eventually find the right place at the right price!

  2. Hooray for K!!
    Wonderful brothers, too, the Js!

    Oh, I will try to work something our regarding the boys’ toys. It’s so hard to keep them in order because they are playing all the time. I sorted out their toys umpteen times and I believe it’s an on-going chore.

    Just waiting for a new move: either we going off somewhere or they out of our room. Hahaha….

  3. 😀 thank you Kin! Yeah I’ve had a constant battle with the resorting of toys. But have to keep at it I guess. Teach em some responsibility or something anyway LOL

    LOL you are braver than me, man, I can’t tahan having the kids in my room, they do share a room but its theirs. I like having my room as “sanctuary”. Selfish perhaps but I like to keep things seperate from mommyness and ME 🙂

    They may love “getting” their own room, decorating it etc. Then they are more responsible for their space hehehe. Esp if any other lil ones come along!

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