Sick hubby/kids and the reorganising/decluttering train..

It’s a Monday for sure. Why?

D’s got a nasty cough/sore throat/cold/fever. We have to keep a close eye on him, since we’ve had so many dengue cases too. J2 has got a cold/slight cough. K’s nose is running but he’s relatively ok. J1’s mouth won’t stop going. (but that’s normal haha).

I’m going through the “art supplies” and colouring books and things in the “locked” playroom cupboard LOL This was my goal today. I’ve sorted out one cupboard. I need to take out the TWO big boxes in the “locked” cupboard etc and I’m gng to empty them, then use the spare plastic drawer thingys from upstairs to store things. Easier kan? Im moving their drawing/writing things around, so pretty much everything they need is in the playroom, leaving the living/dining room for our crap 🙂 and yes, I’ve re-arranged furniture yet again LOL I’ve put things into neat piles, ready to transfer to the cupboard in the playroom but there’s three kids who are sticking their noses in and going “‘ooooooooo”, screwing up my “organised” piles.

we are fixing a new alarm system but the guys van broke down, they rescheduled till tomorrow. Guess I’m not the only one having a crazy day 🙂

Called the paper recycle fella to come and get our piles of old mags/newspapers tomorrow am. May even have stuff for the bulk items for charity fellas. I’ve been fairly consistent with the decluttering/reorganising tasks. It is true, a little bit each day does help and doesn’t seem as daunting and trust me, I’ve got a LOT, LOT, LOT to do.

btw Happy birthday to Amer 🙂


One thought on “Sick hubby/kids and the reorganising/decluttering train..

  1. Good work, Lia.

    I gave a stack of books to a friend for his clinic. Good to have a bit more space.

    I am still holding on to some baby stuff coz we aren’t done with having little ones. So maybe when I reach your phase I’ll have lots to give away too. 🙂

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