What is a tiffin carrier?

This is Wikipedia’s explanation.

I had kinda promised Jeri of the Organising Heroines set 🙂 that I’d try and find more versions of Tiffin/food carriers. She had done some prelim research of her own as it were. Bento boxes etc.

Arent they cute?? Lemme see what I can find.

These stainless steel ones are the most common. Usually comes in a set of four tiers, or a “tall” one where you usually put soup or liquids and it also comes with a shallower dish where you put something else”. Here, you can get a range but not sure if you can find stuff online. There’s the nyonya type, usually porcelin or decorated. Cute plastic ones. Mini ones. I should go and take pix of these (will try not to get arrested). Anyone else can find or not?

Check this out: Even Amazon sells them! Some stuff for kids here.

Anyone else can find any? Heaps of Pix here:

Back to you, Jeri 🙂


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