Meal plans, fish cakes and other things

I know J from NZ has been doing it, it saves shopping time/cost too.

Cook ahead of time, freeze is another way to do that.

we aren’t all like this lady from the Fixing Dinner show LOL although some of her ideas are prob useful where it can be applied here. I do LOVE my slow cookers (yes, mum gave me two, two different sizes) and I use them very very often, I’d be stuck or even more frustrated without them I tell you! 🙂 What else? my steamer, rice cooker, breadmaker. I’ve prepped meals (usually dinner) using the slow cooker, then prep the veg to leave in the steamer and soak the rice. Just switch on nearer the time. It’s a lot easier that way also, cos can do it in the am, or when kids in school etc and then just switch on 🙂

anyway, Im making a start on the meal plans and going for a fortnightly market shop (for fresh veg/fruit/meat). Im going to do more homemade burgers and oven baked at that. Tried the “cheat” sardine fishcakes.

How did I make that? Well, open two cans of sardines in tomato sauce. (hehe) Mash em up. Take cold mashed potatoes, mix it together. Season if you want or add anything else you want. If it’s too “wet”, add some flour. Then line up three plates of flour, beaten egg and then breadcrumbs. make a ball, roll in flour, then egg and then toss in the breadcrumbs. Put on a greased (sllightly more oiled than usual) baking tray and flatten into a patty. Keep going till you have finished the mixture lah.

Oven preheated at 200C-220C. Usually takes 20-30mins depending on the size of your patties (dodgy! dodgy! hehe) and you do have to flip em over half way. But it’s really nice and it can be frozen in batches so that you can just pull it out and warm it up in the oven.

we had it with a nice salad the other day. but you can have it with anything you like or as a burger too! You can do it with white fish, salmon, tuna. 🙂 It’s all up to you.

Hmmm… what other things? I’m trying very hard NOT to eat out. Even if we have to go out, I’m trying to get into the habit of eating at home, then going out. Restricted time.

Ok have to go, I think the kids have probably destroyed their bathroom now (they get to play in the shower every day after school). LOL


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