So how would you change your lifestyle, people?

The only things we are doing is (edited this entry):

(1) cancelling gym membership. Going for walks etc instead. Hubs and I can kick each other to keep going.

(2) Eat more at home, including weekends.

(3) If eat out and not a special occasion, mamak time LOL

(4) Reduce or eliminate the commercial cleaning products (better for health).

(5) Reduce sanitary products used (no, that doesn’t mean get pregnant LOL I got the mooncup and tried it out, love it!!

(6) Minimise use of disposable nappies (whenever or if we have another).

(7) Make own bread (not that it’s cheaper but I know what goes in it).

(8) Less of the lights/a/c used. Teaching the kids to switch off if they aren’t in there. They are curious about recycling/the environment so good way to ajar.

(9) Decluttering the home. This is an on-going long term project, doing it bit by bit. Clearing clothes we never wear, selling items, donating other stuff to charity/for recycling. why you may ask? For one, we open up more space in our storage, and that way we also know for sure where things are, rather than searching for it, or buying again cos can’t find. Putting DVDs in the books take up less room, and we can recycle the plastic boxes they come in from what I’ve read.

(10) Make a conscious effort to recycle.

(11) Healthier meals (meaning steaming, oven baked etc).

(12) Exercise more with the kids, or do more outside activities with them. Not always the mall unless we have things to do. We are definitely raising mall rats, cos k learnt B1, b2, LG, G. before anything else.. LOL I’ve had their training wheels put back on so the Js can ride most evenings, provided they finish their homework.

(13) Less non-essential driving. Walk to places or cycle. Unless it’s to school/back, supermarket and market. Keep it non-essential.

(14) Stress less. For some things, you just can’t do anything about, take it in stride 🙂

(15) Take steps to ensure our home biz takes off enough so d can do it full time. “Seed funding” is dang hard to come by cos we are non-ICT etc. sigh. But I remain positive. Do more creative stuff.

(16) Complain more. If I don’t like the service or quality of goods (govt or commercial or wherever), politely but FIRMLY complain. Especially in writing! Partly why our civil service/govt is so lackadaisical (sp?) is cos we don’t complain enough. We just mumble to ourselves but accept substandard service/goods.

(17) No more newspapers? This one hubs and I are undecided about.

(18) Keep things neat, tidy and in their place. Easier to clean, find things etc (see the “Decluttering your home”bit).

(19) live on cash, more than credit/credit cards. Sensible but sometimes harder to follow kan?

Can we do all this? We’ve already started on some of them. Others will take longer, more effort. Once it becomes a habit, it’s easier ya know?

What are you doing these days to change your lifestyle? (I will ignore what the govt tells you to change cos they have no EFFING clue!).

Kin? Min? Su? Ja? Anyone?


2 thoughts on “So how would you change your lifestyle, people?

  1. Good work, Lia.
    I especially agree about the need to complain – just did that at the science center today. 😀

  2. hehe 🙂 if more people complained or raised issues politely but firmly, things will improve. It’s our lackadaisical attitude (the tidak apa thing) that kinda doesnt help kan?

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