Right.. like we can believe you now..

ahh.. they claim they wont raise prices for another two months.

Like we can believe them now lah. They had already said “no petrol hikes till end of the year”. then BOOM, a double whammy!!!

Like Patrick said in his blog: Now the mainstream papers are full of patronising, “fatherly” advice on how to “change our lifestyle” and “cut costs/save money”.

Ok, so I help the environment by not driving as much. Walking and riding a bike everywhere will only get you killed or mugged, sometimes they come together, these days esp. They say “get a smaller car!” I see.. So I have to sell my already greatly devalued car, spend even MORE money and I take my kids out of the carseats and then watch them get killed as they fly out of the windscreen cos they are unrestrained. spend more money lagi.

so what public transport is there? oh wait, it’s either forever breaking down or nowhere convenient. Let;s do something better. Let’s save the environment by not buying anymore newspapers! This has a two fold effect. First of all, y’all save some trees. Then because of the stress levels in reading these newspapers that makes you want to burn it, you will eliminate the risk of open burning!

Can you tell I’m cranky and fed up? I’m tired of hearing of the BN (Barang Naik) government’s mismanagement of my country. Really tired. What can you do? Vote em out? (a bit late). The fat cats in Parliament (who are utterly USELESS) (BN mostly but PR guys, please lah DO SOMETHING with your increased numbers, stop the bickering and GET IT ALL SORTED), they aren;t really law makers or representing your interests are they? Where IS my tax money going? Where is my asssessment/quit rent going? Huh? huh? where are these so called “savings” going? Where’s all that mega profit that TNB and Petronas earns going too? I want answers, mateys. I wanna see benefits from all that “savings”. Where? where?

Is my “rebate” worth anything also? See Jeff’s summation.

I don’t want to leave (whether you think Im a pendatang asing, geez, after so many generations lagi), I want a future for my kids. May they never go thru national service. Sorry to the rural poor etc but what about the rest of us? The increasingly squeezed middle class/lower income/urban folks? Hmm? Hmm? Its not like I have to give up annual holidays overseas, I can barely afford to visit domestically wei. I need my Unser, it ferries the munchkins around safely, to get that food. to get groceries. I can trim down on a lot of costs here and there, partly for health/environmental reasons in terms of cleaning products and the like etc. but what about food? Well I joked to hubs yday that its another way to diet since we are trying to get healthier, since everything naik, can starve ourselves and lose weight haha Yes, I know it’s a sick joke LOL

One POed Cuddly Mama.


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