Ok… now I’m really cheesed off..

It’s not just the 40% price hike ok.. everything else will also go up. electricity: 20%. which means food, transportation etc etc also go up. but salary etc same.

Then you read all this load of bollocks: PM says: change the way we use energy.
Petronas could go bust by 2018
Sharir’s interview in the Sun.

As usual a half arsed, tak guna otak langsung approach. If you say folks can claim the pathetic subsidy you offer, then you’d better be prepared (see the last paragraph of shahrir’s interview).

I should have known they’d be lying bastards anyway “no, Im not getting married lah” (next day get married). “no no not dissolving parliament or election” (next day announce election). “no fuel price increases this year”. Not only do they increase it, they increase it by 40%!!!! and then act jovial. Elec gone up, transport gone up, food gone up (to me, food is a necessity, that is the tough one!).

How then, Mr. PM? How else do I save? our money is not going as far as it should. Quality of life will go down. Where are these so-called “savings” going? Are the public transport/safety improving? No. If you really did pour billons from the last price hike to public transport, then ok lah, I think folks don’t mind as much. But why must you put the price up so much? why not gradually? It’s a half arsed scheme. Always. Never do forward planning.

You tell me, Mr. Jovial and your SIL has opened a LUXURY clothing shop. How nice for y’all. I wanna know where the billions are going, where MY TAX money is going. I just dont feel like giving you whatever money I have, and it aint a lot. What is my government doing for me? Nothing. Net exporter of oil. Doesnt seem like it. l wanna see Petronas detailed accounts. I wanna see that my money is going somewhere positive (not into white elephant projects and sending poster boys up into space for no real flipping reason).

If you knew we would cease being a net exporter of oil etc, what are you (YES YOU, Mr. PM) doing to help combat this? Alternative sources of fuel/power? Got or not? No, right? and then the petronas CEO claiming they could go bust if they keep paying the govt profits etc. Hello?? so you just going to sit on your arse and shrug your shoulders and say “Takdirlah”????????? No pro-active steps? No seeking alternative means? No incentives to go green??

BOLLOOOOCKS… or as Patrick always says “NIAMAH”.

Part of me wonders if I should join the anti fuel hike protests!



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