I was actually almost rendered speechless by this.

Haris, Marina and Patrick all blogged on this subject.

to me, the school uniforms (boys and girls alike) are just impractical. they are hard to wash, iron, it’s hot and uncomfortable. To me, a polo shirt, shorts/long pants or a skirt (I hated wearing a skirt lol) is more practical lah. and not that horrendous turquiose for secondary school. URGH.

sexy or not, well, that’s just in the eye of the beholder and for the most part, I think men/boys restrain themselves lah, they have self control and whether or not they sneak a peek or admire it all, doesnt mean they will jump on the passing girl and attempt to rape them. And then the whole premarital sex, out of wedlock babies and then prostitution gets thrown into the fray. err.. hmm.. the school uniform never made me feel any sudden urge to throw caution to the wind and do all that. (scratches her head). The mind boggles. Good sex education and teaching kids about respect, that is what will reduce social problems, or one of the things anyway. space for kids to play around, something productive for them to do, (and I don’t mean the useless and pointless, not to mention dangerous National Service, OKAY?!).

again, women get blamed. sigh. Whylah? Hmmm… I wonder why she wanted to rant about this now? lWho is she anyway? Aiyooo.. I bet she is part of those who will cover their young daughters from the age of 5 or something. I never understood that. From what I know, it’s an OPTION from the age of puberty right? I dunno. Im taking a chance in assuming that the majority of muslims do feel embarrassed by many of the comments and rantings spouted by the relligion’s so called intellectuals. I know I would be.

well, I guess it provides us with err.. “idiot-tainment?”

back to coping with the lazy procrastination fall out…


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