Ok.someone explain this to me..

Read this little snippet today.

Nothing really out of the ordinary I’d say but this caught my eye:

““I do not want people in government or those who are MPs and assemblymen hauled up in court for corruption, abuse of power or other criminal offences.
“I don’t want to see newspapers highlighting such cases because I expect something better from you all,” he said.”

Right.. ok, is he saying that he doesnt want to see that sort of thing cos well they shouldn’t be corrupted etc etc (that should be the norm anyway), or he doesn’t want them to get caught?? And the 2nd sentence, he doesn’t want the newspapers to report any such cases?? Am I reading that right? Talk about press censorship if that is what he’s saying.

What cracked me up is he said his famous:

“We should not close our ears to these accusations. God gave us ears to hear. We must dispel these accusations against us and clean up what is not right,” “

Yeah, yeah, gave you ears for how many years already. Depends on what your take is on “what is not right” and how you’d dispel the accusations. Gotta make you wonder..

All ritey, have to get some rice etc too just in case.

Chores and tasks keep piling up, despite what life throws at you so better get to it 🙂


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