my mother’s day experience

It was a nice day, d had to work from home so I didn’t get my traditional day off (but I got an IOU ehhe) but I did get a semi-lie in! 😀 My boys gave me their cards today, k gave me his heart shaped carefully decorated paper on a straw with a great beaming smile on Friday but the Js carefully hid theirs until the day came around. J2 was panicky and upset at first cos he couldn’t find his, but I suggested to daddy that it could have slipped into his homework books, which it had, WHEW! So he was happy. I love all the cuddles and kisses I get!! and the mother’s day wishes from all! Esp k’s carefully said “Happy Mah-durs day, Mummy!”. He’s so cute LOL

With my parents around, we went over to the appmnt, we had a nice lunch, gave my mum all her presents (a bouquet of flowers with a small teddy bear and balloon inside, chosen by her three grandsons) and two books “I love you, Grandma” and “I love you, Mummy” (from the respective people hehe). These books had such lovely stories and it comes with a letter writing set (of two pieces of note paper and envelopes) so you can write to the mum/grandma. So I wrote a letter to my mum detailing why we love her and appreciate her etc and said if she ever needs a boost, this letter can be read and read again if it helps 🙂

I didn’t have a chance to get the Js to write their notes to her but they want to write along with her 🙂 She cried when reading it all and she loved reading the stories to her grandsons. The kids had their swim lesson and then swam and played around with the parents/grandparents afterwards, had their dinner there and were very happy 😀 My mum said she had a lovely day, which is what counts 🙂 And that made me very happy too 😀 Tonight, I’m taking my mum out for dins and a wander around the shops etc, which is what she would like too.

for me, the best Mum’s day present was (a) water coming back HAHAHAHA (b) making my mum happy 🙂

Needless to say, I will definitely be collecting the IOU from hubby for the day off 😉 (when GI Joe is done, WHEW).

ok now back to work!


One thought on “my mother’s day experience

  1. Awww… So so sweet.

    I did not manage to have a meal with my mom this year, but for a nice towel and lotion from Bodyshop. 🙂

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