Finally..water came back

apparently Syabas/puspel/puas or whatever funky name they wanna give themselves were supposed to deliver water trucks over weekend but no sign of any! I managed to do some laundry over weekend at my brother’s place but was worrying abt the food going to waste, water etc. thankfully by this morning, it was back to speed. I hurriedly put load of laundry on. I remain cautiously optimistic! Im still keeping a big bin of water around in case cos I was caught out.

I think many of my neighbours and fellow BU dwellers (thats my new word hehe) will be complaining to syabas about their lack thereof of customer service. I mean in some areas the ridiculous pressure was almost 3 weeks, despite numerous complaints. Folks got different answers to their questions, but no indication about when the problem would be fixed. It’s just ridiculous.

I still think that this problem (although solved for now) should be made public. Anyway, time for me to catch up with all the housework etc that laid neglected. And all my work which is piling up too. URGHHHHHHHH…

will post on my mother’s day experience in a min 🙂


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