Major BITCH fest..

SYABAS is such a stupid name esp if you don’t LIVE up to the name!!! They are the selangor water supply company (privatised, schmatised) and for the last two weeks, we’ve had low water pressure slowly dwindling and then it finally gave up last night. We managed to fill up one big bin with water but its not going to be enough if this persists. Calling them and complaining gets us different answers but the solution is the same: “we don’t know when we can get this fixed”. URGHHHHHHHHHH

I can’t do laundry, I can hardly cook, toilets/washing hands etc. Water is a BASIC necessity! They’d better fix it soon, whole BU area has been affected one way or another, it’s been TWO weeks almost, TWO FLIPPING weeks. hurmph.

Syabas indeed….

for those who are keen on conspiracy theorists.. here’s a site that might interest you!


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