Pretty much my fav author of all time..

I LOVE this man’s work, thanks to yeng for introducing him to me 🙂

Terry Pratchett, prolific author, more on him here: Wikipedia entry and his own site:

The movies are coming out, done by British people, much better HAHA Im so biased 😉 Loved Hogfather and The Colour of Magic.

My favourite characters? Granny Weatherwax, Commander Vimes, Susan, and now Tiffany Aching.
Although, he has so many memorable characters.

Why do I like his writing so much? He’s one of the writers I know (well not KNOW as such) that gets better with each book. I was so sad to learn he has been diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimers 😦 I think I blogged on it when I heard the news.

Love his stuff 🙂 I usually CAN’t wait to read his latest books (the expense makes me CRY) and I love em! Witty, Satricial esp since I can’t spell the word, humourous and oh so clever without being patrionising!

Ok, moment of gushing over with now. I was just telling Min all about TP you see.


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