So apparently now Im incapable of making informed choices is it????

Read this the other day and more of this from TV Smith.

Our new Foreign Minister (who during his time as allegedly Culture Minister tore down many historical buildings, esp BOK house, just cos it’s some chinamen’s house), has “declared” in order to reduce the number of women who are duped into being drug mules, we should see permission from various folks, esp the family, before travelling abroad on own.

This is like stepping back into the dark ages, Pak cik! I wont be travelling with the hubs all the time, we tend not to travel together anyways, esp with the family. And many of us ladies travel for work, holiday etc. Imagine what a draconian thing that would be. Parents who don’t like their daughters travelling can refuse to sign (you know that will happen) or spouses who think thats the best way to control their wives will also refuse. Eeeeeeeeh!

Look, Pak Cik Rais, there will always be drug mules cos the demand for drugs is there. REduce the demand, reduce the drug pushers, reduce the mules. Besides, drug pushers will use a variety of mules anyway, men, women,babies nappies etc. No mention of how many blokes were caught as mules, I’m sure the number is there too! 119 cases? but how many women travel abroad on their own.

Education is the key, making sure they know the risks etc. C’monlah, a blanket rule like that isn’t going to solve the bigger problem, matey boy.

You gotta wonder what’s the criteria for choosing ministers these days? emotional over reaction. (check) Blanket statements and rules (check). Biased and childish behaviour (check). Ok you’ve got the job!

I really hope these guys can get their act together and quit assuming they can withhold rakyat money just cos opposition state or constituency. I think it’s so wrong that just cos you’re an opposition MP or ADUN, you wont be getting any allocation etc, when under the LAW, you are entitled to it. Really, really, really makes me want to SLAP em around and tell em to GROW UP.

Makkal Sakti. We are the rakyat. 🙂

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