So am I a desperate housewife?

Been following the whole balkis/bunga tanjung debacle. Jeff Ooi’s highlighted this article which cracked me up in some ways but also made me sigh.

The letter to the Sun was reg: the former CM’s wife’s statement that they are professionals and not as free as housewives and you know its quite typical of many people’s views lah. Housewife must mean “shake leg and do nothing”. I WISH. If kids in school, have small window to do chores, run errands etc. There’s taking the kids to and fro school, there’s so many things to do. I want to take a nap when Im tired, I want to sit and watch TV etc (and not just watching something while folding the clothes or ironing k?). Adult TV, not just whatever kiddie stuff on.

Hurmph. I guess the former CM’s wife has someone to do all of that hor. Do the wives of BN assemblymen/MPs lift a finger to do all that? Or do they have drivers and maids galore? I don’t want to make a blanket statement (much like our typical MPs) but… eeeeeeeeeeeeee geramnya!

Geez, thanks for making me feel like Im worth something.. well ok ok admittedly I know Im worth a lot more than all that 😀 😀

I also don’t need to siphon the rakyat’s money elsewhere.. muahhahaha


2 thoughts on “So am I a desperate housewife?

  1. Well… to find out the truth what the CM’s wife said, you can go to –

    To ease the hearing further, she said – We are not JUST housewives, a lof of us are professionals….

    The word “JUST” could have been opted out by the writer to the SUN unintentionally. Dropping the word just, changed to whole structure of the sentence… Words are really powerful.

    There is also another good comparison article here –

  2. ok 🙂 thank you!!

    The editor is all powerful I guess. Mind u, it’s not the first time folks have said things like that, prob not the last too! 🙂

    thank you for letting me know!

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