j1 lost another tooth!

j1 lost another tooth today. That’s two on the lower gum. He looks very cheeky and cute. The new tooth is coming through pretty well.

I still predict orthodonty (sp?) visits in the future.. or optician visits too.. Sigh..

But my boy is growing up.


4 thoughts on “j1 lost another tooth!

  1. Wow! Another one?

    So has the “tooth fairy” visited? 😉

    My boys will sure have those two problems to address. Already Micah has one molar patched and we are trying to get him to have another done. So far he has not agreed although he knows it’s a good idea.

    Glasses: just a matter of time too…

  2. He owes the first tooth fairy some money (cos of what he did) but I think the next tooth fairy will have a visit.

    I just have to organise myself sigh.

  3. You must feel proud about the lost tooth of your boy. However, you shouldn’t feel bad that he’s growing up already. It’s part of life. You shouldn’t worry, ’cause boys will be boys. He’ll still cherish you as his mom always. 🙂

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