Struggles with homework..

In my case it would be struggles with housework HAHA

sigh I guess I can’t blame the kids, it’s not the most fun thing in the world to be doing writing, they have noooo trouble with any written work or even maths! but its writing word after word.. I know it’s tedious but mannnn can they drag it out.. URGH.. J2 is neat and methodical but slooow (he’s so easily distracted) and j1 has to have someone looooming over him before he can actually do anything, master of the “cicak” technique I tell you!

What is the “cicak” technique? Well my dad was the master of distraction for kids/grandkids by saying (while kid is whining/mid tantrum) “Look it’s a CICAK!” (or something).. stops em midtrack. hehe so we in the family always say “look look cicak” if someone is trying to change the subject or distract you from something else hehe

Time for me to stand there and look grimly at my kids till homework is done. Then back to the chores and dash off for a meeting with the kampung in tow. Then dash back home to ensure dinner is done. Parents are coming in today, will see them this evening, kids don’t know that they are here hehehe.

Trying a maple syrup (although I used golden syrup cos no more maple syrup) and oatmeal bread recipe. It’s smelling delicious!!!!!!! mmmmmm.. makes me hungry. Im trying a “medley of vegetables” soup blended together along with bread (doing some farmhouse loaf). Before you get toooo excited, I use a breadmaker lah. Very easy to tip in ingredients (recipes provided) and let the machine do it all 🙂 Looooovely! As for the soup, it’s a bunch of veg (whatever I’ve got left in the fridge hehe), cut up into chunks tossed into the slow cooker with some stock (from something else, frozen), garlic, onions (small), tomatoes. Let it boil away till soft, drain some of the liquid (which becomes some stock to freeze hehe) and using a hand blender, blend till a mush. You can add some cheese in there or milk to make it creamy. I usually season it at the end if anything.

looking fwd to it!


2 thoughts on “Struggles with homework..

  1. Oh, we do the same with the ABC soup too: Blend the potatoes, carrots and onions with some of the soup and they boys love it. 🙂

    p/s- Shared half the loaf you gave us with my mom. She, too, loves home made bread. Yummy wholesome goodness.

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