Mothers day fantasies, vanishing Rakyat money, among other things.

Read this today among the comments of MoomyKin‘s blog.

I replied her post in the comments, so I wont repeat it LOL I was telling D about it and he said so we are normal then? (toothpaste in odd places, night time vomit cleanup duty etc). I said yes we are! Just sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that LOL We aren’t the only parents who have kids who do (to us) odd things and clean up duty is so not fun. Add your own mother’s day fantasy (within polite boundaries of course LOL) to the comments or in Mumsgather’s blog.

More tales of Rakyat’s money being shifted about. Reading the responses etc, it just sounds sooo arrogant and like BN’s money is the govt’s money, bukan you punya! (not yours) Eh! I wish I could take the tee na (thin rotan/bamboo cane) to these guys sometimes hehehe oooo Nanti I kena the Sedition Act! Parliament has started! hahaha Already the swearing in has amusing stories! see Jeff Ooi’s blog on some of those.

Now I need to vacum/hoover the downstairs and clean the bathrooms, AGAIN. I must tell the story of the IKEA saga soon, maybe later today!

Have a good tuesday everyone!


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