Learning to read..

Saw this today. It talks about the pressure to learn to read that kids have etc. (I know it’s in America but I wonder about folks here lol).

I have to admit, I don’t spend as much time with k as I did with the Js, sounding out words, the alphabet etc. In many ways, he’s further ahead, with full on sentences, understanding, physically etc. but not with reading. He loves numbers, he can almost reach 15 and then flubs along till 20 🙂 Its very cute hehe He’s learning phonics in school now, I did ask his teacher (cos another friend of ours, her son is reading sentences and hes 3 months younger than k) how he was etc. She told me he’s very mature, very bright and picks up things quickly. He even sits still for story time with rapt attention, which is unusual for his age. So on that score, she told me not to worry, she thinks once he “gets it”, he will zoooooooom along as he normally does. she did tell me that first kids get more attention from parents, they get the chance I guess LOL in Kel’s school they have a number of books they have to get thru in the term so I guess it was different. They all learn in their own time I guess

With his brothers reading so well and his parents avid readers (d slower than some hehehehehe), I think he should have no prob picking up reading or a love for reading (which is my main thing, I’d love for him to love books/reading as we do). Someone once suggested to me if I was concerned, he should go for reading classes (yes, my dear folks, there are reading classes for.. 2 year olds and up….. now THAT is scary)…… Reading classes? no way! He loves stories, books and he uses his finger to move along the sentences and he can now recognise his own name. So he knows that the symbols mean something and he can recognise more letters now. So I still hold out hope that I didn’t “fail” as a parent haha.

Isn’t parenting such a crazy thing? Whoever said it was boring, is obviously not involved in their kids lives, that’s my sweeping statement for now! And if someone else said to me (AGAIN), that being a home maker makes me very free and goyang kaki (shake leg, mean nothing to do but..), needs to spend a few days in my company. haha

ok, enough whinging 🙂 Time to do a mad thing and take the kids grocery shopping. I know how much Min loves this HAHAHAHAA



2 thoughts on “Learning to read..

  1. Hey, cuddly Mama,

    I believe it is really a matter of timing and readiness. Micah still can’t read, and I know it’s because he is, despite being so out going, very apprehensive of things that are new and unfamiliar. He is somewhat afraid to fail. So I know he is holding back on reading for himself, although he really loves books and stories and can write his own name. I am not pushing him, as it’s really more like coaxing a cat to come down from a very tall tree.

    Max is recognising some of the letters of the alphabet and numbers too. I’d love to have them read so that they can enjoy reading for themselves, and not just because some one else’s kid can already do it.

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