k and babies..

Yday morning we went to visit R and Y’s darling baby D at their new home. Ren had gone to church but we caught him just as he was leaving. We joined Y upstairs, she was feeding baby D. K was so sweet, he was kissing her on the head, wanted to hold her (esp. after j2 did) which we let him under our supervision, he wanted to feed her. He kept sayang and stroking the baby. He told us how much he liked this baby.

I was prepared to answer any questions reg: baby D’s cleft palate/lip etc but none of the boys asked, j1 decided that it was just a birthmark/mole or something, I had mentioned something in the car about her being a special baby or something or another but I was told by j1 that babies are all special. (what an answer from an almost 6year old!). But that being said, they accepted it all and cuddled the baby, talked to her. Warmed my heart a lot, despite my nonsense and bad days, I guess we must be doing something right, I hope! We also watched Toy story 2 there when baby d was sleeping and Y and I chatted and she gave us a tour of her new place. As we were preparing to head home, k wanted to sayang the sleeping baby (who is in the downstairs cot), I lifted him to kiss her on the head. then he asked me if we could take baby home. I said its not our baby, K, it’s auntie Y’s. he then pleaded, please mummy, I like this baby, can we take her home? I said no, but we can visit again. If you want your own baby, you have to ask daddy (Y and I had a giggle about this). J1 has said that we will have a sister soon right mummy? I said you have to ask your father. muahhahahahhahaa. What a cop out! D’s decided it’s a conspiracy!

I’ve not known k to be so loving to a baby before. the last baby, he was ok, not as bothered, although he had wanted to feed him. With toddlers or babies of certain age, he’s not so sure about. With d’s niece, he has some issues, partly if daddy is around at the same time, he gets possessive over d’s attention, even with his brothers. with Mummy, he’s not bothered LOL I guess he’s more used to me being around and having lots of kids around etc which we’ve had from time to time. Not usually with daddy around. When they had swim lessons yday, k for once was more interested in sticking like glue to d, the instructor was quite amused. They are coming along well for that, yay! J1’s confidence is building up, which is good.

Will be glad when this issue of GI joe will be over, hopefully before my bday 🙂 Looking fwd to my parents visit too! hokay, time to get back to the routine as it were 🙂


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