I’m an angry Cuddly Mama.. in a manner of speaking.

Why you may ask? well anger is perhaps a bit strong, annoyed, dissatisfied perhaps?

Where is our taxpayers money going? Instead of going to projects for the RAKYAT, the BN govt is going to withdraw it (in terms of penang) and put RM100 million in MARA. Wtf?!?!! MARA?!!? Tourism ministry already pulling purse strings etc. This whole debacle over that guy from Gerakan who wants to “serve” in a committee (FOC mind you), and he gets bollocking from his party. Even the UMNO guys in the state gleefully refuse.

my issue with all this? Well, these guys are forgetting that they serve the RAKYAT FIRST. Not the political party, not race, not religion. THE RAKYAT. The govt money is not BN money, it’s GOVT (ie elected by the RAKYAT). They can’t seem to seperate the two. If you claim to serve the RAKYAT, why can’t you do just that? who cares if its an opposition party run state? I don’t. I, as a citizen, want to see that my country’s govt/civil service etc is run well, regardless of political party. If that’s how they will be, I wonder if the RAKYAT will get fed up enough and kick them out of govt altogether. now THAT would be something to behold. So Pakatan Rakyat better step up to the plate, mateys. Today is the first day of Parliament, it’s going to be interesting!

So this whole Balkis thing is making me sick to my stomach. RM9.9million, gone. That’s just.. sick. and this women’s sports association something or another. Their expenditure etc just makes you sick. and the sports ministry refuses to give the Special Olympics bunch RM150K saja. hurmph.

sigh. ok geram enough. Will blog on something else!


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