K surprised me today..

K absolutely refused to share with Su’s brood today. the other two Ks and N (who is under her care during the day) are similar age (save the younger k who is a year plus plus). He kept saying “that’s ours! no no! Give it back!” and “That’s J1’s or j2’s! no!). Sigh. They’ve been a bit cranky 😦 and there are too many toys out and about, I so need to declutter that place! Its such a chaotic mess. I also need to reorganise and declutter the rest of the house. cupboards wise etc. Easier to clean, get rid of unnecessary. I want a team of those “Professional Personal Organisers” to come in and sweep thru the place, help me sort etc. Bliss! 🙂 Easily pleased huh? Pipe dream? sorta LOL I bet my mum would be pleased though hahahhahahaha I wish we could dig a basement, so d can store his comics there LOL We’d have to buy a warehouse for that..

Im so cranky sigh. So are they. poor things. Thank goodness it’s dins and bedtime!



5 thoughts on “K surprised me today..

  1. Must be the haze and all being cooped up that’s getting on every one’s nerves, eh?

    Maybe try some finger painting with a plastic sheet on the floor in the kitchen. 🙂

    p/s- I know how you feel about the clutter. Sometimes I really feel like I’m gonna scream just looking at them all over the place. hahaha…

  2. p/p/s- what? you guys really have so much comics? My bro into Japanese anime (spelling?) also had stacks that literally reaches the ceiling!

  3. hahhaa My kitchen is too narrow for that. There’s always the front yard :)then can just wash away 🙂 Usually do that for parties. It’s don who is into comics, been collecting since he was 7. Including the books, toys etc, we are.. in need of re-organising LOL

    come see! come see us 🙂

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