Is the haze going to get worse?

More astronauts?

whylah? Save our money! When you want the govt to go and fix up roads/schools/clean up etc, they say no funds etc? but want to send man to orbit around space. I think we should put in those politicians to be sent to orbit around and let folks who can really do the job have their jobs haha

in the mornings, you can smell the haze creeping in. The weather has been oppressive and yet the storms have been freakish. I guess the weather around the world is getting … changed might be the wrong word to use but I’m half asleep, can’t think of the word.

We had lunch yday with A. the daughter of an old family friend who’s here on biz. She’s very easy to get along with and we met up with her for lunch and the kids and her got on famously! They discovered what car she drives (but of course lol) and that she’s a fan of Top Gear. Two subjects very dear to their heart so you can imagine the non-stop conversation!

The sniffing and coughing has started, sent k and j2 to bed this pm, j1 did keep j2 up last night by talking and insisting they had to share a bed. poor boy looked tired. Now he’s napping (finally! after the “procrastinating” in and out of the room routine). K asked to go night-night, he’s a bit on the warm side, poor boy, hope he’s ok in time for his bday! d should be home earlier today, he has a talk to attend which finishes earlier, thankfully!

j1 is enjoying recording his own voice, been playing with audacity, this free voice recording software, used it for some trial VO work this morning and I thought I’d let the kids enjoy it. J1 of course is enjoying reading from the script and practising lines etc. future actor? who knows LOL its all fun right now so thats good 😀

ok, back to work!


2 thoughts on “Is the haze going to get worse?

  1. Kids sure pick upon technology fast. 🙂 Micah has not gotten into the voice recording yet, but he knows we have his photos and videos on the internet. Words like internet, e-mail and youtube is used even in their pretend play. Just yesterday, Micah said something to Max in the car, then he said, “I’ll send you in the e-mail, ok?” I just smiled to myself.

    Hope you and the boys are getting better soon.

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